Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Yep, that's why I do this.

I'm just in the process of getting prepard for my first ever wedding fair on Sunday ( The East Midlands Wedding Show , if you're in the area drop by and say hi) and amongst all of the decision making on what to wear and how to present myself I've been sorting out which pictures to show.
The albums were decided on weeks ago (hey, getting stuff custom made in Italy isn't an overnight thing), the flyers are just right and the canvasses look really cool so it's all down to what I'm going to be showing on my nice big monitor slideshow.
Looking back on some of the pictures from the last few weddings I've done I started smiling, even had a giggle at a few. I got reminded that encouraging 230 people to do jazz hands for a photograph just so I could get them smiling and enjoying having their picture taken was a huge amount of fun.

I really like looking at the pictures, I know the happy couples do too. It's nice to be involved in what is a really romantic occasion with (usually) some laughs thrown in.
That's why I do wedding photography and it's nice to remind myself of that.

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