Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I love breasts not cryptic messages

What bees can you get milk from?
Boo bees (boobies... get it? Just me? Oh. ok then.)

I like breasts.
I like them in all different shapes and sizes.
I like to photograph them like this:

So far no surprises right? This is pretty common. I mean, you just have to watch everyone's favourite Aunty Gok for a few minutes before you realise that even gay men love breasts.
Women love breasts. They talk about them, support them, dress them up and decorate them and yet somewhere in that wonderful place that is Facebook there is yet again a campaign to put out cryptic messages that in some way are supposed to help them.
You may well have seen a few odd status updates on Facebook - well more odd than usual - with no explanation as to what they mean. I'm not here to spoil the current game but in the past it's involved posting barnyard animals and locations around the house (where the ladies in question kept their handbags but the last part wasn't included so all we got was 'I like it by the bed.' or 'I like it next to the sofa.' the animals one I still don't quite understand).
Men are supposed to be kept in the dark about this, as the message being circulated says 'It's time to confuse the men again (not that it's really hard to do ;])'
Leaving aside the glaring sexism of that statement, I have one question.

How does this raise awareness for Breast Cancer?

Posting what essentially boils down to a massive non sequitur doesn't really help make everyone aware that breast cancer is an important health issue that involves all of us. Not only should men who are lucky enough to have regular contact with women's breasts know what to look for but should also know what to look for in themselves.
Yup. That's right. Men get breast cancer too. The incidence is less than 1% of the female rate but it still exists. Should men be excluded from this issue?

So I'm stating it nice and clearly. I care about the health of the woman I love. I care about the health of my friends. Stop all this silly childish nonsense on Facebook and actually say something useful.
Instead of being random post these and get involved:
Breast Awareness - What to look for
Like the Breast Cancer Care Facebook Page
Take part in a Breast Cancer Care Fundraising Event

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