Sunday, 29 January 2012

A little side project

So anyway, my wife has been struggling with her barely functioning laptop for quite some time. It kept misbehaving, doing impressions of a moody teenager and having a tantrum for no reason and generally dying on her when she least expected it.
So this year in the January sales she got a new one.
It's shiny.
It's red.
It actually functions as something other than a doorstop.
In short, it works.
So she made a simple request for me to video her destroying the old one, giving vent to all those frustrations that had built up over the many many months of trying to coax some life out of it.
Then she turned her back for one second and I'd done a storyboard, scouted locations, thought through her makeup and wardrobe and had a great idea about the song I wanted the destruction to occur to.
So, after spending a long time editing it all together I present the End of the PoS.

Thanks go to Tova for being generally wonderful and wearing not a lot in very chilly weather and to the lovely chaps who are Talanas for allowing me to use their carefully thought out and meticulously performed music for what is, in essence, actually pretty silly.
Hope you like it.

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